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Dr David John Saxby

Dr David John Saxby graduated with a PhD in Computational Biomechanics from Griffith University in 2016. Since then, he has endeavored to build a research program nationally and internationally known for excellence, innovation, and forward thinking in biomedical engineering. A central theme across a range of active research projects is the development of high-fidelity representations of the human neuromusculoskeletal system, known colloquially as "Digital Twins". These digital twins enable researchers to conduct powerful physics-based simulations of human motor function, and model the interaction with medical devices, and bring assertive technology under robust control. In application, digital twins may become digital patients to address clinical problems, whereby these same physics-based models assist physicians to plan surgery and understand consequences of surgical design choices, and also to tailor rehabilitation programming to be personalized to the patient. Dr Saxby is honored and enthused to be part of the ARC CMIT program, and aims to make an impact in education and research for the next generation of biomedical engineers.

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