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ARC Training Centre for

Medical Implant Technologies

X-Ray Results

Industry Advisory Committee

The Industry Advisory Committee is to provide specialist and independent guidance to the Executive Management Committee of ARC CMIT, including on strategic matters and in relation to oversight of the ongoing activities of the of the Training Centre.


The Committee will act purely in an advisory and consultative role to the Director of the Training Centre.


The Committee provides a consultative forum to engage with government, industry and universities in relation to the personalised implant technologies.

Specifically, the Industry Advisory Committee aims to

  • Enhance research-industry engagement opportunities to identify new or novel solutions to improve the health outcomes of patients and health consumers;

  • Help to identify new and emerging areas of research in medical implant technologies;

  • Enrich the industry experience of higher degree research students and postdoctoral fellows.

  • Develop opportunities for students to interact with industry, and for industry to be involved with the university (e.g. guest lectures, site visits, student placements).

Eric Bert Edited Panel

Deputy Chairperson

Peter Lee photo 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Centre Director

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