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Capabilities, facilities and equipment at ARC CMIT

Key capabilities

Rapid prototyping

  • 3D printing of bone and joint implants, cutting and drilling guides

  • 3D printing of ceramics by direct ink writing

  • 3D printing multiscale porous bioceramics for bone scaffolds

  • 3D printing in titanium and other medical grade metals

  • 3D bioprinting and biofabrication with a range of biocompatible polymers and cells

  • Quality systems analyses for medical implants design and 3D printing



  • Technologies for optimising implant materials and manufacturing for maximum patient safety and function

  • Design, production and testing of biomaterial scaffolds, devices and tissue constructs

  • Computational alloy design

  • Microstructure imaging and modelling

  • Material characterisation

  • Nanotechnology and microfabrication

  • Development and characterisation of antimicrobial materials and their mechanisms of action

  • Physical, chemical and biological characterisation of tissues, biomaterials and their interactions

  • Stem cell culture and bioreactors


In vitro

  • Mechanical testing of implants, including wear and fatigue

  • In vitro biomechanical testing using cadaveric models and testing instrumentation;

  • Surgical training and teaching using human anatomical tissue

  • Mechanical testing of biological materials across scales, from single cell, to tissue and organ

  • Robotic testing of cadaveric implant surgeries


In silico

  • Multiscale multi-physics personalised neuromusculoskeletal biomechanical analyses

  • Virtual anatomical model prototyping

  • Computational modelling and simulation for implant/instrument design, surgical planning, pre-clinical testing, virtual clinical trials and clinical decision support;


In vivo

  • 3D human motion measurement and analysis, including video motion analysis, wearables and biplane X-ray fluoroscopy.

  • CT and MRI scanning


Equipment at Austin Health 

  • Ultimaker S5 dual extrusion FDM printer 

  • Prusa i3Mk3 FDM printer 

  • Slicer3D segmentation software and experience 




Rapid prototyping

  • Envisiontec 3D Bioplotter

  • Renishaw AM200, AM400 (SLM based metal 3D printer)

  • EOS – P110 Formiga (Selective Laser Sintering plastic 3D printer)

  • 3D Systems – Figure 4 Standalone (Stereolithography resin 3D printer)

  • Markforged – Mark two (Continuous Fiber Reinforced filament 3D printer)



  • 5-axis wire cutter/EDM

  • Mechanical workshop CNC milling, turning, waterjet cutting, welding

  • Electronics workshop, prototype board design and fabrication and design for manufacture expertise.

  • Finishing tools (bead blasting, heat treatments, linishing/grinding)


In vitro

  • Hexagon absolute measuring arm (8525-7)

  • FARO® QUANTUM FAROARM®: 8 Axis laser measuring arm and table

  • Six degrees-of-freedom robotic testing machine for cadaveric surgeries



  • MicroCT scanner

  • 6T MRI

  • Clinical CT


   Austin Health 

  • Medical imaging and clinical data systems for research and development via Centre for Digital Transformation of Health

  • Anatomical segmentation and modelling from clinical CT and MRI imaging

  • Development, construction and assessment of surgical guides, planning and teaching models

  • Clinical trials capacity for medical innovation and development

Human motion and biomechanics analysis

  • Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) with instrumented motion platform and immersive virtual-reality environment complementing

  • Overground gait analysis laboratory with video motion analysis, instrumented force platforms and stairs

  • Video motion analysis, electromyography (EMG), ambulatory electroencephalography (EEG), functional near infra-red spectroscopy (fNIRS), inertial measurement units (IMUs), Biodex dynamometers, ambulatory VR/XR systems

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