ARC Training Centre for

Medical Implant Technologies

X-Ray Results
CMIT Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee will provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure that the Training Centre achieves its goals in:

  • Building knowledge and developing technology for rigorous evaluation of pre-clinical test methods, personalised medical implants and decision support tools;

  • Training a new generation of engineers with a multidisciplinary R&D skillset, including knowledge of international standards, ethics and regulatory requirements for the personalised implant industry; and

  • Coordinating and maximising industry-university-hospital collaborations for clearer pathways to medical implant design and commercialisation.


Centre Director

David Ackland

Centre Deputy Director 

CMIT Foundation Program Director

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CMIT Research Program Director


CMIT Research Program Director

CMIT Co-Centre Manager

Ms Meg Belmonte

CMIT Co-Centre Manager