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ARC Training Centre for

Medical Implant Technologies

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Research Programs
CMIT is working with industry and clinical partners in three major research areas:

Research Program 1

Platform technologies for rigorous design and development of personalised medical implants.

Research Program 2 

Technologies for optimising implant materials and manufacturing for maximum patient safety and function.

Research Program 3 

Virtual assessment of device performance: From preclinical testing and enhancing clinical trials to planning and decision support.

Our medical implant research at the University of Melbourne, Griffith University and Flinders University combines expertise of engineers, biomedical researchers, clinical practitioners and industry partners to create innovative medical solutions that have societal and economic impact.
Our capability includes computational modelling, human motion measurement, medical imaging and rapid prototyping. Click here for the list of capabilities and facilities offered by CMIT research and industry partners.

Contact us if you have interest in undertaking a PhD project at CMIT 

Projects at CMIT

Research projects at CMIT are undertaken in partnership with industry and clinical partners.

Click here to learn more about the research at CMIT.

The research activities are conducted at the following universities:

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