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13th Australasian Biomechanics Conference at Brisbane

Congratulations to the CMIT PhD students Sarah Woodford for being awarded the New Investigator Award and Lauren Wearn for being awarded a Commendment for Othropaedic Research at the 13th Australasian Biomechanics Conference.

Sarah presented her work on postoperative biomechanical functionality of the total temporomandibular joint prosthesis, reporting the kinematics and kinetics in comparison to a cohort of healthy controls.

The title of Lauren's talk was “Time-elapsed internal strain distribution of implanted tibiae during stair descent and deep knee bend."

Dr Dale Robinson presented his research related to improving pelvic fracture treatment using 3D-printed fracture plates for the pelvis at the

PhD candidate Sarah Woodford presented her award winning research on the jaw and how its motion changes following a temporomandibular joint replacement surgery.


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