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200th implantation of OMX TMJ Prosthesis

Congratulations to OMX Solutions, a partner of ARC CMIT and a Melbourne-based design house for custom medical devices for oral and maxillofacial applications who announced announce the 200th implantation of its custom designed temporomandibular joint (TMJ) replacement device, the OMX TMJ Prosthesis.

Mr George Dimitroulis, Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon, successfully performed the 200th OMX TMJ Prosthesis implant at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne in late June.

The Australian first 3D printed titanium TMJ implant was designed and developed by A/Prof David Ackland and Prof Peter Lee in collaboration with Mr George Dimitroulis. The device was implanted into a patient, Richard Stratton, 2015 as reported in ABC News.

For further details, click the company announcement below:

OMX Announcement 200th OMX TMJ Prosthesi
Download • 144KB

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