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ARC CMIT Annual Symposium at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus

ARC CMIT held an in - person symposium for the first time in three years at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus on 5 August 2022. It was a great experience for everyone to meet face to face.

The group was privileged to have Prof Laurent Frossard as the keynote speaker. Prof Frossard spoke about the latest scientific developments in prosthetic solutions to better the lives of many individuals suffering from limb loss. He presented on how osseointegrated implants could play a key role as bionic limbs prostheses become more advanced, cheaper, and more accessible.

PhD students and Postdocs reported on the progress of their research to the group

Masterclass: Muscle Modelling

A/Prof David Saxby and Dr Claudio Pizzolato presented the muscle modelling class to the group.


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