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Australia’s largest cabinet Micro-CT scanner unveiled at Flinders University

Australia’s largest cabinet Micro-CT scanner was unveiled at Flinders University Tonsley campus. Associate Professor Egon Perilli, Micro CT Scanner Project Lead, says the large volume Micro-CT scanner will enable practical applications such as scanning for defects in 3D printed parts and manufactured parts without damaging irreplaceable specimens and prototypes.

The state-of-the-art piece of equipment enables 3D-scanning of large and heavy samples weighing up to 50kg, including human limbs, prosthesis devices, engineered structures, batteries, plants, fossils, vertebrates, and 3D composite materials.

The Australian Research Council contributed funding for this equipment.

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Micro CT Scanner Project lead, Associate Professor Egon Perilli, demonstrating the scanner's capabilities at Tonsley campus, Flinders University


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