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Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference 2021

Announcing the Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference 2021 program -

7 October - 4 November 2021

The ABEC 2021 Webinar Series will be delivered virtually, with the intent of each week exploring the themes of ABEC through a five part webinar series. Each webinar will spotlight one of our Plenary Speakers who will provide an insight into their professional field and will share research, practical challenges encountered, developments and case studies within industry that help contribute and enhance how we re-imagine biomedical engineering for a post-pandemic world and beyond. As biomedical engineering evolves and adapts to the many challenges and rapid changes in the world, a focus on technology, medical enhancements, digital health and safety contributes in providing better solutions for human health enriching quality of life and for future generations.

The series will explore the sub-themes of:

• Clinical Engineering Evidence • Maintenance and Neuro Engineering • Health Technology Management • Digital Health and Cybersecurity • Biomedical Engineering • Biosensors and Wearables • Biomechanics and Computational Bioengineering • Surgical Technology • Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

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