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BridgeTech Industry Fellowship with OrthoPediatrics

BridgeTech Industry Fellowship with OrthoPediatrics, May 2022

Martina was one of ten 2021 BridgeTech Program participants across Australia to be awarded in the Industry Fellowship Program, supported by MTP Connect’s REDI Initiative. The Fellowship allowed Martina to gain hands-on industry experience at OrthoPediatrics, a US-based company that leads innovation in paediatric orthopaedics.

Martina’s Fellowship was composed of three parts. First, she attended the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) meeting in Vancouver (Canada) as an OrthoPediatrics industry delegate. The main activities during the meeting included product development project discussions, post market clinical follow-up, customer discussions, chats with surgeons and dedicated OrthoPediatrics product sessions.

Second, Martina had the opportunity to meet the OrthoPediatrics distributors in Dallas (Texas). The main activities included team discussions on OrthoPediatrics trauma and deformity products, discussion on the team’s challenges, understanding the user needs, meeting with the director of the Operating Room at the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas.

Finally, she spent time at the OrthoPediatrics Headquarters (Warsaw, Indiana). During this time, Martina had several meetings with different team members to learn more about product development and phase gate, regulatory, training and education, product quality, business case, surgical planning, and custom-made implants.

The fellowship was a fantastic opportunity for Martina to grow her network, gain an industry perspective and advance her work towards commercialisation.

Photo from OrthoPediatrics


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