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Congratulations Dr. David Saxby on being awarded ARC DECRA

Dr. David Saxby, Chief Investigator of ARC CMIT from Griffith University was awarded an ARC DECRA.

David's project is on fusing wearables and advanced computational models for real world analysis.

His project aims to solve a major technological problem: our inability to study human skeletal, muscular, and neural function in the real world. The project expects to, for the first time globally, integrate wearable sensors with neuromusculoskeletal computational models and artificial intelligence, and validate this technology. Expected project outcomes include an integrated system for future commercialisation and new understanding of how whole-body behavioural choices affect tissue mechanics during daily and sporting activities. Project outcomes should provide significant benefits, such as the ability to escape the laboratory to understand human performance for defence, sport, industrial, and health settings.


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