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Congratulations to Lauren Wearne for winning the ANZORS PhD Award

Lauren Wearne, CMIT PhD student, Flinders University won the PhD award at the Australian & New Zealand Orthopaedic Research Society (ANZORS) conference at the Gold Coast on 4 Aug 2022.

Title: “Anterior Lift-off of implanted press-fit tibial tray during deep knee bend: a time-elapsed micro-CT and digital volume correlation analysis.

Brief Description of the presentation:

Achieving primary stability of press-fit tibial trays is important for their long-term success. Here, a cadaveric tibia implanted with a titanium press-fit tibial tray was exposed to a time elapsed mechanical load sequence that replicated deep knee bend, a movement found previously to jeopardise the tray’s stability, with the aim of quantifying the internal strain field. A notable reduction of compressive strain occurred across the anterior pegs of the tray at 1.5 donor body weight, which coincided with an observed anterior lift-off of the tray. This study developed a novel method to analyse the internal strain of an implanted proximal tibia and the associated clinical implications.


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