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Dr Sanjeevan Kanagalingam’s visit to ARC CMIT

Researcher’s (L to R) Ryan Tiew, Dr Sanjeevan Kanagalingam and Dr Dale Robinson performing mechanical testing on a HTO construct.

ARC CMIT had the honour of hosting Dr Sanjeevan (Sanj) Kanagalingam, during his visit to the University of Melbourne in May -July this year. Sanj is a Research Co-Investigator at the University of Birmingham, UK.

In his visit, Sanj engaged in collaboration with Prof Peter Lee, Dr Dale Robinson and PhD student Ryan Tiew. He worked on a post doc exchange project entitled “Experimental Validation of the Clinical Relevance and Advanced Performance of Generatively Designed High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) Fixation Plates.”

The project was on biomechanical testing and validation of novel high tibial osteotomy (HTO) fixation plates. HTO is a joint preserving surgical treatment for osteoarthritis that is an alternative to joint replacement surgery. Implants using during HTO were an outcome of the novel design framework that Sanj developed during his PhD research, which integrates medical image processing, finite element analysis, AI-driven Generative Design, and additive manufacture. The validation experiments conducted at CMIT used the Instron testing machine in combination with digital image correlation (DIC) to investigate the load transmission through these joints, which is indicative of their healing capacity. The visit was highly productive, and we eagerly anticipate Sanj’s next visit to the Centre.


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