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Mass Personalisation in Healthcare through 3D Printing

ARC CMIT is hosting a talk by Mr Kyle Shapland, Account Manager, Materialise


Title: Mass Personalisation in Healthcare through 3D Printing

Time: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM , Thursday, 8 September 2022

This will be a hybrid event

Attendees can join in person at the Boardroom, Ground floor, 203 Bouverie Street, Carlton or

Please click this link to register


In a world where one size fits no one, Materialise believes everyone deserves a truly personalised care.

Personalised treatment leads to care with better outcomes. Care that is more efficient and sustainable. The next steps are scaling these treatments and going from helping one patient to helping millions more.

Thanks to Materialise’s pioneering 30-year track record, we can achieve the best in treatments with mass personalization through 3D technology. Let’s make individualised care the new standard.


Kyle is a Commercial Account Manager who specialises in facilitating hospitals with the setup of Point of Care Centres, helping Medical Device companies maximise their workflows and engaging with educational institutions to help produce the next generation of biomedical engineering professions.


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