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Memorable Bridgetech event in Melbourne with manufacturing tours at Bosch and 3DMEDiTech

The final Bridgetech event for 2022 was held in Melbourne on 14 September.

With the theme of "Design to Manufacture", participants started the day with presentations by Peter Hook, General Manager and Brad Trewin, National Sales and Business Development Manager at Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions (BAMS) followed by a tour of the BAMS manufacturing facility.

The afternoon tour at 3DMEDiTech in Port Melbourne was kicked off with a welcome and presentation by Paul Docherty, CEO of 3DMeditech. A/Professor Jia-Yee Lee, Co-Centre Manager, at ARC Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies (AR CMIT) highlighted the value of having the global supply chain in personalised medical implant technologies at the door-step of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct and the value that industry partners such as 3DMEDiTech bring to ARC CMIT.

The tours at both sites showed participants the key aspects to designing a product as these could impact manufacturing cost, supply chain and return on investment.

Dr Hans Gray, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from ARC CMIT at the University of Melbourne joined the tours at BAMS and 3DMEDiTech.

Thank you to A/Professor Jia-Yee Lee who coordinated the event with the Bridgetech team, BAMS and 3DMeditech and facilitated the Q&A session at BAMS.


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