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University of Melbourne and 3DMEDiTECH launches Joint Research and Training Centre

The University of Melbourne, in partnership with 3DMEDiTech, will launch a new Joint Research and Training Centre (JRTC) in medical technologies, funded by a $3m donation by 3DMEDiTech’s investors.

The JRTC will be established at the 3DMEDiTech personalised medical device manufacturing facility at Fishermans Bend. 3DMEDiTech has committed $27 million to the expansion of the facility, designed to produce personalised medical devices such as hip, spinal and knee implants at scale. The investment will fund industrial grade 3D printers capable of high precision production of polymers and metals, automatic digitisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

The facility will be one of the world’s most advanced 3D personalised medical manufacturing facilities and the only of its kind in Australia. The expansion, in partnership with the Victorian Government, will establish Australia’s pre-eminent MedTech Innovation Centre. It will also involve collaboration with St Vincent’s Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery (ACMD), leveraging their leadership in surgical research.

The end-use products will improve patient outcomes and reduce Australia’s reliance on imported personalised medical devices.

The JRTC partnership between the University of Melbourne and 3DMEDiTech will enable students and academics to undertake research and development while working in a commercial setting. Professor Peter Lee, from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, will be Centre Director. The partnership with 3DMEDitech builds on their current participation as a partner in the Australian Research Council Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies, also led by Professor Lee.

Mr Paul Docherty, Executive Director and Founder of 3DMEDiTech said: “Working in lockstep with the Victorian Government’s commitment to building our knowledge economy, our world class manufacturing facility and MedTech Innovation Centre will put Melbourne on the global map as a leading centre for personalised medical device innovation and commercialisation.

“3DMEDiTech has a track record of taking innovation in MedTech to scale. Our new investment, coupled with our partnership with the Victorian Government and The University of Melbourne, will take our advanced manufacturing and commercialisation capability to the next level.”

University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Professor Duncan Maskell has welcomed the partnership. “The University of Melbourne is excited about establishing the Joint Research and Training Centre in Medical Technologies with 3DMEDITech. In particular, I would like to thank 3DMEDITech and their investors whose funding will enable the training of 13 PhD students and the recruitment of two Research Fellows,’’ Professor Maskell said.

“The Centre will be a place where industry, hospitals and researchers from the University come together to collaborate on research projects that will make a big difference in people’s lives.”

Toby Hall, CEO of St Vincent’s Health Australia said: “The 3DMEDiTech initiative is exactly what Victoria and the health sector needs. Through St Vincent’s Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery, we look forward to collaborating with the Victorian Government, 3DMEDiTech and The University of Melbourne to unlock value from our surgical research activities and bring new health technology to market.”

From left: Professor Duncan Maskell, Vice Chancellor University of Melbourne; the Hon. Jaala Pulford, Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy; Mr Paul Docherty, Founder and Managing Director of 3DMEDiTech; Professor Peter Lee, Director, ARC Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies. Picture: Supplied.

From University of Melbourne Newsroom


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