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Visit of Dr Robert Mun from the Australian Research Council

Professor Peter Lee, Centre Director welcomed the visit of Dr Robert Mun, Executive Director Engineering and Information Science at the Australian Research Council.

Dr Mun met with the PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows at the ARC Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies (ARC CMIT), University of Melbourne and learnt of their research projects and progress to-date.

Dr Mun also attended the launch of the Joint Research Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies (JRTC), a joint initiative of the University of Melbourne and 3DMEDiTech, a leading Australian manufacturer of 3D printing medtech products.

The JRTC arose from the activities of the ARC CMIT as 3DMEDiTech is an industry partner of ARC CMIT. Professor Peter Lee is also the Director of the JRTC.

To learn more about the JRTC, click here.


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